Read this first to get an understanding of the Grover service and our offerings.

First up – we’re commited to making your integration with Grover as easy as possible. If you run into any issues whatsovever, feel free to contact your account manager. Technical questions will be forwarded to one of our engineers – we’ll get back to you at ⚡️ speed.

This documentation assumes that your organization already reached an agreement with Grover on integrating as a partner. If that is not the case, please get in touch.

Before you begin

Let’s clarify some basic concepts of Grover first so that there’s no confusion later. At Grover, we allow customers to rent their tech instead of buying it – allowing them to flexibly get, use, return and upgrade assets. We run our own web store at grover.com, and in addition partner with third parties (like you!) to allow your customers to do the same.

In case of a partner order, Grover still handles shipping, returns and the whole subscription lifecycle. After your site was used as an entrypoint to Grover and an order is placed through your channel, we take care of everything – so no need for you to worry about that.

Common Concepts

Let’s explore some common concepts you’ll encounter while working with the Grover ecosystem.

Products & Variants

At Grover, we keep product information in a centralized database that we use and manage for you across our own offering as well as different partners. In our data model, a variant follows a product – variant here standing for different colors. Our Partner integrations work on the variant level, meaning we can match 1:1 with your Article IDs or EANs to not only select the product, but also the color.

Rental Plans

Customers are able to choose to commit to different minimum rental periods; the longer they commit, the lower their monthly payments are. Of course, the customer can also “upgrade” to a longer minimum rental period during an active rental if they chose a shorter one initially. Rental Plans are represented across the Grover ecosystem as a common object. Things like promotions, discounts and campaigns may apply to all rental plans of a given product, or only to select rental plans.

Integration Options

We offer ways for your business to offer rentals through Grover for E-Commerce stores and for physical retail locations.

For your online store, we offer various ways to add Grover to your site. Functionality is the same for all of them – choose the one that fits your existing tech stack best.

If you’re interested in bringing Grover to your retail locations using Grover Point of Sale, please contact your account manager.

The Grover E-Commerce API

Our public E-Commerce API allows you to retrieve everything you need to display a Rent with Grover button using your own custom frontend. You can call it every time a user accesses your product pages – and construct your custom button yourself, including information on pricing. Potential agreement logic for recirculation and availability based on various variables is implemented on our side – you just need to make an API call and we’ll handle everything for you.

Learn more about integrating with the E-Commerce API

Grover Components

Our growing range of open source Partner Components for popular frontend frameworks allows an even easier integration. You just need to import our component, pass a few properties, and we’ll do the API-calling behind the scenes. Out of the box, we implement any possible display state and take care of displaying things like discounts and promotions for you. Of course, you can override any style you want freely to customize your button – we documented everything thoroughly. When we launch new features, we will also take care of updating our package, at which point you can simply upgrade and everything will work smoothly. For this reason, if you use one of the frameworks we offer components for, we strongly suggest using our ready-made component and adjusting it for your needs.

Learn more about our React Component